Friday, March 19, 2010

Earth-Friendly Friday - Gardening

If you want to get your garden beds ready for planting but, you have a bunch of weeds to deal with first, don't use chemicals to get rid of the pesky plants. Instead try using black plastic. Lay it down in the weed-ridden area, tack it down with bricks or heavy rocks. Leave the plastic over the weeds for four to eight weeks, when you pull off the plastic, the weeds will be gone and you will have a perfect bed to plant.

This is one idea. Of course, organic gardening is all about patience and practice. Not every idea will work but these types of ideas will be much better for your plant beds and the planet. No instant gratification in the organic world but it's worth the time and energy to help keep our soil chemical-free.

So, do you have any great organic gardening ideas? If you do, please share them in the comments section.

Happy planting!!!


Jen on the Edge said...

Instead of using plastic, I use newspapers, cardboard, or brown paper bags. They do a great job of smothering grass and weeds, they attract earthworms (beneficial for the soil), and they're completely biodegradable.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I lay down layers of newspaper, too. It biodegrades and smothers everything underneath like a charm!

Lisa Nowak said...

Instead of using chemical fertilizers I use yard debris compost. In planting beds it serves several functions. It feeds the plants, keeps down weeds, conserves moisture, and it looks good.

Christina Farley said...

I really miss having a garden. Maybe someday!