Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Decorating . . . Again

My welcome wreath. It's just some twigs with plastic eggs hotglued in place. I even took one of Sasha's chew toys (a little rabbit) and glued him on. I think it turned out kinda cute.

Then I hung out the banner, potted some plants and I'm ready for the hunt. . .Easter Egg hunt.


Christina Farley said...

Lovely! I wish I had an artistic touch but I'm okay with copying. Maybe I'll copy your idea next year!

StableGranny said...

my dog hates Easter.. the family comes and she has to be crated instead of playing with everyone. Why? She's better at egg hunting than us. She does not care if you win a prize for the most... nope she eats them in one bite and moves on. The shells are really bad for her stomach. So we leave her crated until the hunt is over, but she always finds one or two we missed

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


Kim Kasch said...

Christina: Copying is a form of crafting ;)

SG: Our dog always finds a few "ripe" eggs too.

GG: Love that ;)