Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zombie Run at Blue Lake

Zombie Run at Blue Lake on October 26, 2013. This is an untimed 5k fun run...well, if you can call being chased by zombies fun.

I'm thinking of doing this run but I'm afraid...and not of zombies but of being slow, too slow to get away from zombies (and remember zombies are supposed to be slow).

See, I'm not a fast runner...I'm a long-distance runner. So, maybe I'd make a better zombie than a "human". I'm still thinking about it because it looks like fun.

If a person is a "human", they get three flags and they have to try to avoid the zombies who will be trying to snag the flag. But, if a person signs up to be a zombie, they get a make over and I'm not talking a beauty makeover, this isn't a good makeover - it's a zombie transformation. That all sounds like fun...doesn't it?


The Spooky Whisk said...

I'd have to pick zombie just for the fun makeover. Sounds like a great time. Can't wait to see pictures.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It sounds fun--but I HATE being chased!

David Batista said...

I think being chased would make the run more fun. It gets your endorphins pumping and, next thing you know, you're feeling no pain and the race is almost over. I'll take any help in keeping my mind off an actual boring run!

Although, 5k is such a ridiculously small distance, Kim, I don't think you'd have to worry about a little burst in speed here and there trying to avoid zombies. I doubt they're going to be sprinting, anyway. Or will they? *gulp*