Wednesday, October 30, 2013

...What's Behind the Curtain

Have you ever wanted to bake a cake or cook a special homemade pan of macaroni and cheese...from scratch? Well, if you've ever tried to surprise someone when you're cooking, you know it isn't easy. The wafting aromas bring people into the kitchen and what's the first thing they do...? Yep, they peek in the oven. But...if you have a pretty linen, you can hang it on the door and have it act like a curtain. Then you can tell them, "NO PEEKING!"

The aromas might still give away the surprise but you'll still have the fun of saying, "Pay no attention to the man...I mean, what's behind the curtain." And, if you've ever watched The Wizard of Oz, you'll know what an important line that is ;D

And of course it helps if the linen is an antique hand-stitched beauty.

Each one of these stitches is a small work of art. Women used to make these linens for everyday use. I guess it was before T.V. and the internet . . . but still I find it awe...mazing. And, I look for special purposes for these old beauties.

So, the next time you're baking and want to add a little extra-special anticipation, try an oven curtain.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

There's something so homey about a dishtowel on that oven handle.

David Batista said...

My oven doesn't have a window, but I still keep a towel on the handle just to have it ... hand-y. :)