Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Like Mother - Like Daughter

My Mom was a beautician. She loved to play with hair that's why she went to school to learn how to "style" the strands.

When I was little, she used to pull my thick horse-tail mane up in a ponytail and pull it to turn it into a "waterfall". At least that's what she told me. Mom always had a way of making the plain, ordinary and down right dull seem spectacular.

And, I have course, curly hair that is so thick I need to have it thinned more than a few times a year. When I was growing up, somehow it always managed to get tangled, twisted and terrible. Mom used all sorts of "products" before "products" even existed to try to make my mane more manageable. She used vinegar, mayonnaise, and even lemon juice to try to untangle my locks.

My head always ached from Mom pulling, twisting and brushing. So, I never thought of becoming a beautician but . . .

I have a hair board on Pinterest that I LOVE. I could spend hours looking at the unusual styles, colors and dynamic dos.

It makes me wonder, if a love of hair is something Mom has passed down to me...?

I don't know but it seems like a bond between us.

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Rena Jones said...

That's cool you're interested in something your mom liked as well. My mom was really into photography. Go figure. :)