Monday, April 29, 2013

Chili Contest

So I won! It's so much fun to win but it's really fun just to play. My family all gets together, everyone brings a pot of ...whatever it is we're making and we all eat, drink and vote for our favorite pot.

The fun thing is just getting together.

This month it was chili. Next weekend it will be a cake contest. Yep, I picked it. See, the winner gets to choose the next food challenge. :D

We try to make it a blind taste test.

We put a small bit of each pot into separate bowls - bowls so we can't tell who brought which recipe.

We don't want people to be swayed.

This time I won, my brother took second place and my nephew took third place.

I don't think I could recreate the recipe though, because I'm one of those people who put a pinch here, a dash there. No measuring...just whatever sounds good.

Now, I'm planning for next month...
start out with bowls filled with food,


David Batista said...

Congratulations! But it sounds like everyone there was a winner. :)

I, of course, can't wait to hear about this cake-off next time.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A cake-off--oh that's a good idea!