Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beans, Beans the Tropical Fruit

So my family is planning another cook-off. This time it's a test of "Texas" or at least one of their famous dishes: yep, chili.

Now, I didn't win the last cook off. But you have to remember I come for a BIG family. Mom had nine kids so when we all get together it can look like a little slice of Texas, right in my own house. Yep, down there they say Bigger is Better. Mom must have been listening to that motto, why else would she want nine kids?

Anyway, we're going to be doing a chili cook off. So, I'm asking for some tips, tricks and for readers to share some of their chili cooking talents 'cuz I wanna win this one.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my brother (who used to own his own restaurant) is going to be stacking the voting bin . . .again. So, I can use all the help I can get.

If you know any good recipes...or better yet...some really GREAT recipes for chili, please leave them in the comments section.

I've got to start taste testing some of these beanly beauties to make sure I come up with the best combination, if I wanna win. And, this time I think there's going to be a trophy.

Okay, so my family is a little overly competitive when it comes to cooking but that's why I'm asking for your help. There's gotta be a few chili lovers out there in cyber land. So, please share my plight with your other cooking friends. Maybe they'll have a few tricks tucked up their aprons that they won't mind sharing.

And, if I use your recipe or one of your tips, I'll give you the credit (here on my blog). And, if you wanna play along, take out some pintos, red beans, beef, or whatever else you want to try and start roasting, boiling or baking those beans too. I'd love to hear all about it well only "hear" on my blog because you know the saying...

Beans, beans the tropical fruit,
the more you eat the more you toot,
the more you toot, the better you feel
So eat beans at every meal!

Now, that's not the sort of thing I want to hear about...I'm only talking about the yummy scrumdilicious conversation of chili.

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