Monday, September 15, 2008

A Sunday Afternoon Drive - By Bike

It was a beautiful day. Probably about 95 degrees. Lars and I got up early and went berry picking at the top of Mt. Tabor Park. Make sure you scroll through this link to see how really beautiful Mt. Tabor and Portland really are.

This is a park built on an extinct volcanic cinder cone. There are only two of these parks in the United States and the other one is in Oregon too, in Bend.

So, I'm going to make more of my Organic-Volcanic Blackberry Jam. But before I pulled out my berries, Lars and I rode our bikes down to the city. I want to start riding my bike to work - trying to be green, save gas and the environment. It was a great work out. Here's my husband, when we stopped at Starbucks to refuel.


adrienne said...

I checked out your blackberry jam recipe - Yum! I've always been leery of the whole sterilizing jars thing...I might have to try this!

Kim Kasch said...

There is nothing better than freezer jam - and in my opinion - especially my organic-volcanic blackberry jam :)