Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Greek Mythology - Eurydice and Orpheus

My husband, Lars, and I went to see the live performance of EURYDICE on Friday night, at the Artists Repertory Theatre.

It is a Romeo and Juliette story of two people in love. Tragedy strikes, they should be reunited but life (and death) get in the way just in time to ruin everything.

Jennifer Le Blanc played Eurydice and was an amazing ballerina in one scene. Dangling from the ceiling like a Circe de Soleil performer. That was the absolute best scene of the play. However the stones were fun too. And, Todd Van Voris was a wonderful Nasty Man. Orpheus was played by Gilberto Martin Del Campo and David Bodin was great as the father.

I love live theater.


Kelly said...

What a wonderful date night for your hubby and you!

WordWrangler said...

Sounds very romantic. I'm looking forward to seeing the Fireproof movie soon with my hubby. Parents need those "just the two of us" times. Glad you got to have some!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm looking forward to seeing you, too!

Barry Napier said...

I still say the best representation of these two figures is told in Nick Cave's "The Lyre of Orpheus".

Kim Kasch said...

The Lyre of Orpheus, I haven't seen that one - yet.

Thanks for popping by.