Thursday, October 9, 2014

Movie Review - Gone Girl

Gone Girl - The movie followed the book by Gillian Flynn fairly closely, even the opening was pretty much the same. I remember reading the book and thinking it reminded me of the Scott and Laci Peterson story and I was immediately thinking Nick Dunn was guilty and wondering why I was reading another story of a husband who killed his pregnant wife...(played by Rosamund Pike) but boy-oh-boy was I ever wrong and the story really only started getting good (for me) after about the first hundred pages because I already had my mind made up. 

Was that book ever a lesson in keeping an open mind in Innocent until Proven Guilty...

And the movie kept right along with the theme. The only thing I wasn't so happy with about the movie was the ending. I think the book left me not really liking either Amazing Amy or Nick Dunn and the movie didn't do that job as well. I almost felt sorry for poor Nick who was going to stay in a loveless marriage to save his child...

What a hero--Ben Affleck was--but he wasn't, at least not to me, when I was reading the book.

All-in-all I'd say this was a pretty good movie, but maybe more so because I already read the book. And, of course, there is one gruesome scene that people will be very surprised by, if they haven't read the story first. (Watch out for the part with Desi Collings - played by Neil Patrick Harris).

But, if you see it, I'd love to hear what you think/thought. 

I'd give the movie a C+ to a B-...I know, I'm a hard grader...but I'd have to say, you know ;) the book was better.


Kelly Polark said...

Absolutely loved the book so was excited about the movie. I thought the casting was excellent. Very satisfied with the movie, yet agreed that I disliked Nick more in the book.

Kim Kasch said...

Kelly: It was a creepy book and a creepy movie but almost always . . . the book is better.