Wednesday, March 5, 2014

St. Paddy's Day Bouquets - Sweet Enough to Eat

I love holidays and baking and making things to celebrate. This was an easy choice.

First off, I found these "vases" at Joann Fabrics and grabbed them in a hurry. Then I stuck some floral foam in each one.

Then the fun began.

I melted some white chocolate and colored it with food coloring. I made pink and green and yellow.

Then I poured the tinted chocolate into the candy molds.

Then I stuck food quality lollipop sticks (also bought at Joann's) into the chocolate.

I used rubber bands to give them support. Then I dipped some marshmallows into the chocolate and added sprinkles.

And then I started building my bouquet.

This was the first time I made these and now I have a few ideas for next time but I think they turned out sweet ;D

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