Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Super BOWL this Sunday

And it's the Seattle Seahawks v. the Denver Broncos!

That's the first time in . . . forever that I could name both teams playing in the Super BOWL! But West Coast gaming is going to be at its best this weekend. And that means, West Coast munching is going to go maniacal.

So, to make the party special (and yes, I'm even going to a Super BOWL party--my first one ever.) No. I'm not a big fan of football but this should be fun...right? So, anyway, it's a potluck. And why is it that whenever I hear "super BOWL", all I'm thinking about is food and what I'm going to be packing to the party ;D


And, I've been trying to figure out recipes...

I even checked out this link. And, Saturday I'll be taste testing a few different things.

But, I'm leaning toward my bacon date wraps ;D They might not be the prettiest at the party but I can guarantee they'll be a quick party-pickup ;D

How 'bout you...any plans for Super BOWL Sunday?

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Rena Jones said...

Not sure what Rick will want to snack on just yet, but he loves the Super Bowl. I, as you know, love RHCP, so I'll at least run down to watch them. :)