Monday, June 17, 2013

The Man of Steel

And no I'm not talking about my husband ;D

I'm talking about the new movie in the theaters. It was Father's Day on Sunday and my hubby picked this show to see as a family. So we loaded up the Expedition and drove to Century 16 to watch the handsome young man fly around in his cape and spandex. Not a bad way to spend a day ;D

It was pretty good, maybe a little long in the fight scenes. I mean after all you can't hurt those aliens (yeah Superman was one of 'em) you never think of him as an alien...but he is. Not the typical little green man with the bubble-head that you think of but still an alien. Who else would run around town in that outfit? Only someone from out of town would have no idea how out of fashion that is. . . but then again I'm not complaining.Man of Steel

The only part of the movie that really bugged me was when Amy Adams went on the military mission...come on! She's a reporter. Why would she be the one to put the chip in the ship...?

It made no sense to me. If they would have had a little scene where she said, "Superman's father taught me how to do it and there's no time to teach anyone else. You'll have to take me along." Then MAYBE it would have been okay. But no, they take Amy on a critical mission to save the planet and yes...she's the only one who can do it... now that's worse than thinking that no one can recognize Clark Kent from Superman because he slips on a pair of glasses!

But all-in-all it was a fun show, with popcorn and candy! The whole Shabang! Great afternoon.


David Batista said...

It's a really great movie! Although I, like you, do have a hard time believing a reporter would have as much access to military sites/missions as Lois Lane does. The flashbacks to Clark's childhood were the best, and reminded me of myself growing up. All the bullying, but none of the neato super powers, unfortunately. This movie would have really resonated with the younger me.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Glad it was fun--I heard the flashback scenes were among the best in the movie and the battle at the end became overwhelming. But popcorn at the movies! Yes!

Kelly Polark said...

We went on Father's Day too. It was packed!

I agree that the fight scenes were too long. And you are right about Amy Adams doing more than a reporter should, but I never thought about it until you said so.
But an entertaining movie!