Thursday, May 31, 2012

Query Critique

I had a professional query critique on Tuesday night. It was done on Google Plus (kind of like skyping - but with a group). And the query was shared on-screen. This is a really fun way to do a critique session. I mean...of course it's always best to do things in person, but when you can't, this is a great option.

I learned a lot, not just from my own query but from other writer's queries too. It was apparent that we all made similar "mistakes." None of us seemed to want to over sell ourselves. It's kind of funny. I mean we've got to sell our manuscript to get an agent to want to read the pages and writers may not have any problems with that portion of the project. But...when it comes to talking about ourselves. . . well, most of us just seem to suck. We can't think of the relevant, important things we should be saying in a query.

For example, I was querying a story about a girl with a mental illness. I totally neglected to include anything about my experience working with kids with behavioral and emotional disabilities. I also "forgot" to include the fact that I have a B.S. in psychology. Silly, silly me. And I heard others say the same sort of thing: "I didn't know what to say."

How 'bout you? Are you quick to offer information about yourself in a query? Can you pinpoint the important things you should say, and pare down the frivolous fluff?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sounds like this was such a useful exercise! This makes me think my writing group should try coordinating via Google + sometime...

Brooke Ryter said...


Your blog is inspiring to me so I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You and your blog deserve this.

Have a great day!!

Christina Farley said...

Queries are evil. It took me a year to tweek mine. I now start writing mine right after I finish the first draft and then revise it a million times after.