Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eye Candy

I'm thinking of eye candy . . .

And not this kind (even tho' he is my fav actor...and the man can sing - which only amplifies his appeal to me) but no - not this time - I'm thinking of real eye candy or something that makes eyes look a little better (while they help a person "look" or at least "see" better too).

Now, I have my idea of appealing and probably everyone in the world has a different idea...except when it comes to Gerard Butler of course. I think everyone (or at least every woman) would agree with me when it comes to him...I mean just look at those baby blues..that's what Frank was singing about...or, maybe he wasn't but what the heck, I can think of GB when I hear the swoonster wailing about those baby blues...because of course my hubby has brown beauties. But I digress from the point here - lingering a little too long on GB...

Anyway, I lost my fav pair of glasses (out on a run). My backpack ripped open (only time it has ever happened) and my glasses were lost forever. So, I had to go get some new spectacles so I could see again.

Here are the choices  I had to choose between:

My conservative look:

My whimsical look:

My in-between the two look:

My sporty look:

So ... I couldn't make up my mind...

My family all didn't like my whimsical look...So, which one do you think I got?

 Really...what do you think?

Well, I had to be true to me.

The glasses I loved the most of all are the whimsical ones ;) ha! That's the only way to be true to me. And, I'm not going to be told what not to wear. Not even if my kids laugh at me and my husband rolls his eyes. I love my Ziggy glasses.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I dig your glasses...and your eye candy:)

David Batista said...

Haha, you look great! Love the glasses!

I have to confess, I thought you were going to go with the in-between pair. But somehow, deep down, I knew you would pick these.