Monday, November 28, 2011

Breaking Dawn - Movie Review Monday

It was a holiday weekend - so one of our family traditions held out - we went to see a movie: Breaking Dawn.

I'd read the book(s) and that helped understand some of the scenes. Such as
wanting to help with the baby - I don't think that was developed fully in the movie. In the book, she resented the fact that Bella would willingly give up her life and the chance to become a mother (things Rosalie never wanted to miss) to become a blood thirsty monster.

Breaking Dawn
had some good moments. BUT, and that's a big but, it was super slow. I felt they drew out the wedding scene and the honeymoon waaaaaaay too long. It could have been done in a couple of minutes and then they could have moved on to some action. There was only one scene with some real action in it.

Things I really didn't like:

1) The sloooooooooooooooooooooowness of the movie

2) The vampires being out in the daylight!!! No disintegrating, no sparkling, no nothing. Explain that one to me. They could have gotten married at night. It would have made so much more sense. Vampires can't go out in the sunlight - even in the earlier books: Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, the Cullen's didn't venture out into the daylight in front of humans. So I have no idea how they just skipped right over that fact...or fiction.

I don't usually like stories that play havoc with lore - and vampire lore is pretty well settled. But, I overlooked some "havoc" in the books; however, that doesn't explain how Edward and the Cullens managed to have a daylight wedding with no one noticing the sparkling or anything out of the ordinary at all.

3) How thin Edward and Bella were from the very beginning of this film. It looked like they had lost 20 pounds each since the last movie (maybe more). I thought they looked unhealthy even before Bella was starving from the pregnancy.

Things I liked:

1) Jacob. I think he looked much more like the character in the book in this film than the others. He worked hard to "become" Jacob and I think he did a great job.

2) Seeing the softer side of Edward. He didn't have a continually pained look on his face.

3) Bella looked beautiful at the wedding.

Overall: I wouldn't recommend the movie UNLESS you've already seen the other movies and if you'd read the books. I do think the second half of Breaking Dawn will be better and you should see the first half of the story if you want to see the second half.

But, at least on this one part of the story, I prefer a little more action in my movies.


BuyWoWAccounts said...

I haven't read the books but seen the past films. Not much a fan of this movie, but still want to check this out.

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David Batista said...

Yeah, I stopped watching after the first movie. I have zero interest in this franchise since it's obviously not geared even remotely toward my demographic. But one of the big dislikes I had with the film--having not read the books--is that these vampires don't resemble any vampires I've seen in other fiction.

As campy and romance-y as True Blood can get, at least the traditional vampire lore is adhered to . . . even if the rules are bent and made fun with from time to time. It allows guys like me to enjoy the material even if it, too, is not meant for my demographic as well.

That being said . . . I know my wife is dying to catch Breaking Dawn at some point. She'll be going to see it without me, though. And I'm totally fine with that. :)

Rena said...

I haven't seen the movies or read the books. I suck.