Friday, July 8, 2011

Honey Do

Sometimes I forget to stop and be thankful for all the good things in my my husband. We've been married for over 28 years and sometimes I take him for granted and all the wonderful things he does.

He not only goes to work every day to support the family, he also puts a lot of time and energy into building things for us all: like these chairs, these planters, and even the deck. Plus, just look underneath the chairs, see all that old wood just waiting to be sanded down to "like" new and repurposed into more useful stuff?

It's so simple to just expect my husband to do it all. I'm just lucky he does :) and that he enjoys doing it in his spare time after coming home from working all day.

Now, I just have to give him my new list:

1) New tile in the shower;
2) Remodel the basement;
3) Wrap-around benches for the deck;
4) Green-house;
5) Garage;

Just give me time, 10 won't be enough--not for long. It's a never-ending Honey-Do list.

How 'bout you have a Honey-Do list...? What's on it?

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Rena Jones said...

Those chairs are great!