Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FAIL - Cake

I am no CAKE-BOSS but anyone who knows me, knows I love my cake, cookies, and candies. It's no wonder I've become a member of Weight Watchers.

With baking as one of my favorite past time hobbies, unfortunately my scale shows the results of my cooking efforts... But, that doesn't mean my cakes always turn out perfectly.

Quite the opposite. Some times I envision the most wonderful tasty temptations and they turn out...terribly.

Like my recent endeavor: trying to sculpt rice crispy treats into a little-sized replica of my brother-in-law: Bo. It didn't turn out the way I pictured it in my head and it looked nothing like Bo.

Oh well...it's the thought that counts...right?

I certainly hope so because this cake was not my best baking attempt. It was an absolute FAIL.

A flop, but I had to take it to the party anyway. I figured it was good for a laugh--or at least a smile.

Here are some of the pictures from my attempt to bake a themed bee-day surprise for my brother-in-law Bo.

You see, Bo has become a recent beekeeping enthusiast and, since it was his birthday, I made him a couple of cakes. One was a bee, the other was the hive, and the third was supposed to be a mini-me Bo.


But, it was still fun putting the pieces together. It might not have turned out the way I'd hoped but I think Bo had a happy Bee-Day anyway :)

Here's how I made the cakes.

First I baked a regular cake and a couple cupcakes.

Of course, when I got up the next morning, only one cupcake was left. I'd been hoping to use two for the eyes of the bee, b...ut I cut the only one I had left in two and used half-moon eyes for my bee.

I frosted the cake with coconut - yellow - frosting and cut black fondant strips for his little stripes.

I covered his eyes in white fondant and cut out round pupils from black fondant.

Next, I shaped his stinger out of rice crispy treats and covered it with the left-over black fondant. Then, I cut out a couple of white fondant wings and put the pieces together.

I had to add antenna and transfer him to a prettier plate with pretty paper. It's easy to lift the cake, if you have wax paper beneath the cake while you decorate.

I made the hive out of my barbie doll cake pan, frosted in brown icing and wrapped it with black licorice.

I obviously need a crispy carving class. I had no idea how to do it. But I rolled the rice crispy treats in wax paper to shape the body parts.

Then I put them together and put Bo on a stick.

And I tried to shape the pieces to look like Bo but there must "bee" a few tricks I'm missing because it didn't turn out the way I'd hoped. http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

I used frosting as the glue for my fondant to stick to the little-sized Bo but it didn't turn out so well. . . as you can see above.

The good thing about having a CAKE FAIL or a CAKE WRECK is it's not so bad eating my mistakes ;)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That doll's expression just slays me--like "WTF is she DOING?"
But the Bee turned out cute!

Kimbra Kasch said...

OMG - the guy is a perplexed Tony Hawk - I couldn't find a guy doll head at the cake decorating shop...what's up with that? But it was fun :)

Christina Farley said...

I love these! You are so creative in how you think. I NEVER have thought to make a person from rice crispies.

Rena Jones said...

Tony Hawk! We have him! No wonder he looked familiar! Of course, ours is missing his hands and feet, but he doesn't mind. I loved the bee cake. That was cute. I tried my hand at cake decorating for awhile, but it was back at a time when I was doing a lot of computer work and was having serious wrist pain. I loved doing the cakes, but it just killed my hands. I never did try the fondant stuff, though.

Nora MacFarlane said...

I wish I could make something look half as good as your fail! Looks like fun!

Kimbra Kasch said...

Rena: I always have my husband help me roll out the fondant - if only I had a machine like the Cake Boss ;)

Thanks Christina - it's my stomach talking to my head - and, believe me, it shows on my hind end.

Nora: I bet yours would look 10X better. But it was fun :)