Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Make a Wish

Allium reminds me of giant wishes. They are so big and bold and yet so delicate. It's hard to believe they are from the onion family but they are. Just like the little white flowers. You wouldn't know, except if you break the stem and squeeze it, then you'll get a strong whiff of onion aroma.

These allium bulbs can be expensive but you can get a similar effect by buying leeks and letting them go to seed. And leek bulbs are about 25cents per bulb and you can buy them at any feed store.

I've planted a bunch of basil - different kinds - so I can make plenty of pesto this summer. I might even try freezing some - never have had any left before to freeze but you never know. Plus, I put in about three tomato plants because I can eat tomatoes like candy. I still need to plant some cucumbers and zucchini but there's time.

How 'bout you, have you got your garden going? I'll leave you with a few photos of some of the flowers in my garden.


Kelly said...

Love the flower pictures!
I have a black thumb. Fortunately my hubby stepped up on the gardening chores in the past few years so he's planting tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries and planting the annuals for me!

Jen on the Edge said...

I didn't know about alliums until about 10 years ago, when I first saw them. I've since planted them and love the bursts of purple they add to my garden.

I planted 26 tomato plants, 8 basil, and loads of other things (beans, potatoes, herbs, cukes, etc.). I'm loving having fresh produce available just outside my back door.

David Batista said...

Wow, Kim! Your garden looks great! Is there anything you *can't* do?

Not even house plants live when I try my green thumb . . . so I would never even brave gardening. It's as unattainable to me as walking on the far side of the moon.

adrienne said...

Love the thought of giant wishes! Your garden looks beautiful. Mine is pretty neglected, but my stephanotis is blooming - one of my favorites.

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks everyone - I love to garden and I love flowers - here in Portland, those bright colorful spots put a little sunshine into otherwise gray days.

Kim Kasch said...

Oh David - just ask my kids they'll tell you a boatload of things I can't do - like sing. It's a shame too 'cuz they all have great voices and are super musical but not me. No worries about another Partridge Family phenom taking place with us :(