Friday, June 25, 2010

Green Your Summer - and Save a Little at the Same Time

There are so many ways to save a little money (and the planet) this summer.

1) Take a walk - rather than a ride in the car
2) Pack a picnic - using "real" dishes - rather than paper plates and plasticware
3) Use a "reusable" water bottle when you go for a bike ride - rather than a throw away
4) Start a compost pile - rather than fill up the landfills
5) Hang a load of laundry outside to get that fresh-air feeling - rather than using the dryer
6) Go for a bikeride and feel the wind in your hair - rather than sitting in front of a fan
7) Read a book - rather than watch a movie
8) Have a candlelight supper - turn out a few lights around the house

And, if you're interested in suggestions on how to go green around the office, check out this site.

Hope you all have a Sunny Summer!

1 comment:

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Check on almost all that list:)