Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It was a weekend of weddings.

Friday night we celebrated Aaron's and Brenna's unity up in Bridal Veil Lakes. It was a beautiful setting.

My son, Jake, was one of the groomsmen, since he and Aaron have been close friends since they were in fifth grade. Here he is with his date, Shawna.

Here we are, my son Luke, my daughter Kara, Jake's date Shawna and an old friend Alex waiting for the wedding party to make it over to the reception.

And, here is my family all together: Luke, Kara, Me, Lars, Jacob and his date Shawna.

It was a beautiful way to spend a Friday night.

But Saturday I wasn't feeling so hot.

Luckily, Sunday was CeCe and Robert's Wedding and I was feeling good enough to head over to Redmond to celebrate with them. Their wedding deserves a private post because it was a VERY different wedding. So pop back by if you want to see another wedding tomorrow.

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Lily said...

That is a beautiful setting for a wedding!