Sunday, December 14, 2008

Party or Pajamas

I got up early because I had so many things I wanted to do today.

We did our Christmas cards, ran to the post office to mail a bunch to Denmark, hurried to the grocery store to stock up on supplies just in case we got a snow storm, which has been forecast but hasn't materialized - yet. Then I took a quick shower and got ready for the party and helped my husband get ready too ;-)

Then we went to my office Christmas Party. It was a beautiful setting and beautiful food.

Here's the Baked Alaska my husband had:

And boy-oh-boy was it amazing. I'd never had it before. And, I was only going to take a bite to taste it - until . . . I tasted it and fell in love.

I've always loved ice cream but this delectable dessert was covered in a sugary glazed goodness that I couldn't resist. I was supposed to eat my own beautiful Marionberry Torte

But . . . I ended up eating at least half of my husband's dessert. No wonder I'm so chubby. I know what my New Year's Resolution will be this year - again :(

We had a nice time but then after dinner, when the party went into full swing, I was ready to come home, put on my pajamas and do a little reading and writing.

My husband enjoys the partying but I guess I've always been more of a "homebody". I like to sit and look at my Christmas tree and know that my kids are here. I enjoy being home - always have.

How about you? Party or pajamas?


Catherine J Gardner said...

I'm definitely a PJ's girl - those cakes have made me so hungry and I have to make my Christmas Crackers later without eating all the goodies I've bought to put inside them. :)

Rena said...

Pajamas all the way. I've never been into parties myself that much. I'm like you and would rather be home by the Christmas tree or enjoying a warm fire.

Very nice pictures, Kim!

Kelly said...

I do love to dress up and go to a party once in a while, but I am a major homebody so I'm at home a lot more than not. PJ's!
Your hubby and you look so lovely and festive! And the desserts look delish!

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks Kelly - you should have seen some of the people though, they were WAY dressed up. I've never been a fashionista either - more of a sweats kinda gal.

I guess we writers probably have a lot more in common than we know. :)

Marcia said...

Jammies, jammies, a thousand times jammies.

cindy said...

what lovely fotos! yummy! and my favorite is the first. it's so touching and real.