Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hand-Writing Analysis

Shelby did an analysis of my handwriting.

This is what she had to say:

1. The ascending baseline suggests the writer is more of an optimist than a pessimist.

2. The tangled lines suggest the writer always has a lot to do, is generally not a planner, and prefers to live in the moment, driven by impulse and emotion.

3. The reversed strokes point toward possible inner conflict or some minor personal guilt being carried.

4. The moderately wide loops in the lower zone indicate the writer is ambitious and productive at tasks.

5. The narrow, retraced loops in the upper zone suggest a writer who may be stuck on old patterns and ways of thinking with less interest in exploring new, modern concepts.

6. The ascending signature implies that the writer is ambitious and hopeful.

The connectedness of the letters indicates that, socially, the writer likely makes friends easily and enjoys close relationships with others.

The speed of the writing combined with a lack of end strokes (#7) points toward impatience; the writer dislikes wasting time. This seems to coincide with the aforementioned traits of preferring to be busy and engaged in some meaningful activity.

The addition of ornamentation (a colon, dashes, and capital letters) indicates that the writer is likely to have a home filled with art and sculptures, with an emphasis on creative design. The writer seeks beauty in all things. The individual is dramatic and knows how to make an entrance at a party.

Overall, the handwriting sample suggests an imaginative and outgoing individual who makes friends easily. The writer may lead a rather fast-paced lifestyle, either now or has done so in the past. The addition of ornamentation, such as the colon, dashes, and capital letters, shows an abundance of ideas and pursuits, and may also indicate the writer is prone to exaggeration and flair. The moderately spaced words reflect a genuine warmth and affection for others. With so much compassion and drive, this individual would make an excellent business partner and friend.

Also attached is a diagram to reference the numbered points above. Thank you again, and I hope you enjoyed your analysis.


I loved getting this analysis. I think this sort of thing is fascinating - maybe that's why I got my degree in psychology ;-) either that or I wanted to understand the crazy way my mind works.


Kelly said...

Shelby does such a thorough job! Interesting analysis, as I agree you are a busy, creative person who is close to your family!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Isn't it interesting how handwriting is as telling about a person as their fingerprint.

adrienne said...

Ooh, intriguing! I love the part about the dramatic entrance.

Rena said...

Very interesting! So Kim, do you agree with the analysis?

Kim Kasch said...

Rena: I agree with some of the stuff – all the stuff that sounds good

Who wouldn’t want to be an optimistic, ambitious, productive person who makes friends easily and enjoys close relationships with others?

I know the truth: this analysis doesn’t say what a clutter queen I am – or how I’m usually late for appointments and that my life can seem chaotic and that I always think I can squeeze more into a day than is humanly possible – just ask my kids.

But then no one wants to hear all the bad stuff – right?...

Anonymous said...

How fun!

Rena said...

That's cool, Kim. I'd be scared to have mine done. My writing is downright whacky.

cindy said...

i love this stuff. i also had my read once, not by a pro, but someone who studied it, and i thought it was quite accurate in some points!

you have a great christmas and new year, too, kim. i think 2009 will be exciting! =D

Danette Haworth said...

Very cool!