Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go Green this Holiday Scene - Sustainable Thanksgiving Ideas

This holiday have a Sustainable Thanksgiving.

• Decorate using items found in your yard. Make a centerpiece out of pinecones, popcorn, cranberries, leaves and branches.
• Buy local produce, meat and fruit – if possible.
• Go green when you clean. We all may be doing a little extra cleaning up around the house. Why not try a few organic cleansers. Check out these ideas here.
• Compost your leftovers, or even spread a little peanut butter on left over corn on the cob and roll it in bird seed or sunflower seeds and put it outside for the birds.
• Turn off your t.v. and take a hike, go to a local park, or ride your bike. You’ll save energy and burn a few extra calories before the big meal.

And Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Brenda said...

Great ideas! Happy Thanksgiving! Don't eat too much...grin...

Rena said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

adrienne said...

I like the birdfeeder idea! We have a tortoise to eat up all the vegetable peelings :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

All things I'll be doing--even though I'm not hosting Thanksgiving. I give eco-friendly dish soap and new dish rags to my Mother in Law each year to help with clean up.

Kelly said...

Super ideas! Unfortunately our TV will have football on all day!
Happy Thanksgiving, Kim!

MotherReader said...

Ah, I love your ideas. Maybe I can take a walk when my extended family insists on watching football.