Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Day at the Beach - Lincoln City

Lars and I spent the weekend with Bob, Des, Angie and Jack at their beach house, which has a beautiful view of the ocean.

Lars and I drove down to the beach on Saturday, right after Kara's team had their first home game.

Sunday afternoon we all drove down to the beach access, which was about five minutes from the house.

See, here in Oregon, the ocean and beach are public property.

No one can own the beach. That is just one of the reasons why living on the West Coast is soooo wonderful.

Anyone can visit the ocean and enjoy it. You don't have to be rich to walk along the sandy beaches. So we did.

But that was just part of the fun.

Angie and I did some bead work Sunday afternoon. Together we designed a pair of earrings and then Angie designed a pair all by herself, too.

Des turned the designs into earrings, which they gave to me as a gift.

Then we ate chocolate covered bananas, which Angie made for us as a treat.

We (Des and I) also worked on some of our knitting.

Des made this beautiful Scotty bag by knitting the material and then felting it. She said it would be easy to hide any mistakes with felting - not that she needed to hide anything - I'm sure all of her projects have been perfect. But, I'm going to have to try that felting.

Des made three beautiful bags. And, it looks like a fun project to try.

Coming home, along Highway 101, we saw the most beautiful trees and fall colors - it was peaceful, relaxing and a wonderful weekend. Even if we were, like Kara clarified for me, first losers.

That's what she calls coming in Second Place - at Trivial Pursuit.


C.R. Evers said...

looks like an amazing trip! Great pictures!


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I discovered you from my BF A Mother Singing blogroll. What a small world. I'll be posting (tomorrow)about our trip to Lincoln City too. I love that beach for all the reasons you mentioned. We've been vacationing there for 20 years.
We're reminded with each visit of the memories when our boys now men joyfully played in the sand.

I adore that felt purse your friend made. Does she sell them? I'd love to see what others she's made.

Sweet Wishes,

Des said...

Kim, sounds like you have great friends :) Bob and I are usually not the first losers at Mr. Bill's, but further down the list. Thanks for helping us know what it's like to almost win! It was wonderful to see you again. I admire your enthusiasm for life. Des

Rena said...

Beautiful pictures, Kim. I've been in Montana 2 years now and I don't miss CA too much, except for the beach. I drove by the ocean almost everyday and always appreciated seeing it. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Anonymous said...

I live near a Lincoln City too. Beautiful shots. I love the jewelry!

Green Girl said...

What a fun (and gorgeous!) weekend!

Kelly said...

Lovely photos, Kim! What a fun weekend for you and your friends. I love getaways like that (though they are few and far between). Hope Kara has a great basketball season!

Brenda said...

Great pics!! Sounds like you had a great time!

Kim Kasch said...

Cristy: It was an amazing trip - thanks to Bob and Des.

Des, you're gonna hafta send me photos of the other two bags and think about selling them on-line :)

Sara: I'll have to pop over to the Singing blogroll

Rena: I've always wanted to see Montana.

Meredith: The jewelry was fun to work on.

GG and Brenda: Thanks for popping by.

Kelly: Love the poetry idea - I posted a comment from my phone, while I was at the beach.