Wednesday, September 9, 2015

106 Days Until Christmas

I know it's a scary I'm starting early.

I went to Joann's Fabric to buy some pillow forms - on sale - of course for about $12.00 per pillow.
And while I was there I saw two very pretty, plush, dish clothes for only about $3.00. So, I bought two and took them home to create some gifts.

I folded the dishcloth so that the plush side was on the inside and sewed up the seams, all except for one end then I flipped the "pillow case" right side out and stuffed the pillows inside. And then I used some velcro on that end to close the pillows.

And wah-lah, two plush decorator pillows for $30.00 total. Can't beat that. ;D

If you're reading this on's 105 days

1 comment:

David Batista said...

Those look so very, very nice, Kim! You're so multi-talented, wow!!

I think those covers look rather appropriate for the coming Fall season. Very homey looking.