Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Book Promotions

So you love to write...me too. And after finishing your novel, you're so excited. But then...you have to find an agent and/or sell your manuscript. You finally receive your contract, see your book come into print and again...you are so excited. But then you have to promote your book . . .

Most writers are shy or at least introverts. It's not in our repertoire to promote...anything.

So, if this is you, like this is me, then you might want to do a little research. Here's one place to look to find a few tips:

Marcie Brock Book Marketing Maven:

Here are a few tips in her latest blog post:

Have a goal
Have a plan
Remember to have some lead time
Do your research
 Follow specific formats and style for news releases
Plan to approach and utilize a variety of media resources
Set a budge
Create a street team
Be persistent
Be flexible
Keep updating your plan
Set someone up on your team to keep you accountable

Lastly, remember to celebrate your successes. Take time to enjoy the wins, as they will likely be hard fought and so very sweet. Remember those feelings as you move forward and hit future snags. Above all else, keep moving forward!

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