Monday, June 9, 2014


It was my first golf lesson ever. And when the instructor said, "Okay, pull out your putters..."

I had to turn to my S.I.L. and say, "Which one's a putter?"

Yeah, we all gotta start somewhere..."write"?

Well, golfing is a lot like writing...or so I'm thinking.

We all start somewhere, and each of us come to the task with different backgrounds, different training and different experiences.

So, one good way to make progress is to hook up with other more experienced golfers, or writers.

That way, you can ask questions, learn a little and sometimes a lot along the way. And you might even catch a few tips, tricks and hints simply by being near people who have the same golfing, or writing.

Another great thing to do is to link up with a network or community that can help you along the way. One great writers group, is the SCBWI. They'll be happy to help you along the path to publication. And, even if that's not your ultimate goal, you'll definitely make a few friends along the journey.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Does your husband golf? Just wondering what made you take it up--D and I enjoy going together and learning how was challenging, just like writing.

David Batista said...

You're absolutely right, Kim! Sometimes it does indeed take a village, and having someone who is more experienced to guide you saves a lot of time of stumbling around aimlessly trying to learn it all on your own.

How's your swing? ;)