Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reusing, Recycling and Re...doing

This past weekend I was in Corvallis for Mom's weekend. Hanging out with my niece and sis. We went to a street fair and this was one of the items we found on display. This artist had taken an old cigar box and remade it into a handy-dandy purse by decorating it and putting a handle on the top.

If only I could have made something so pretty . . . but then again, Marilyn helps in that department.

So, when you're getting ready to throw something out or thinking some old container is trash...think again. You might be able to turn it into something as pretty as a picture...of Marilyn Monroe.

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The Happy Whisk said...

That is cool but seriously, I've seen how creative you are and you could kick that bag's arse, in a heartbeat.