Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Skirting the Issue

I wanted a new skirt but I didn't want to pay $59.00 to get one. So I pulled out one of my favorite skirts and laid it out on some brown fabric to use for a pattern.

This wrinkled gray skirt is one of my favs. So I cut the shape out in the brown fabric. And then I used some green yarn in the waistband so I could sew it inside out and then pull it through easily using the yarn.

Then I stitched the waistband to the main fabric and Wah-lah! I had a new skirt that I paired with some ankle boots and I was pleased for $12.00. Not a bad deal.


The Happy Whisk said...


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Cute--but I really really like your COAT!

Kelly Polark said...

You look so cute in your new skirt! I wish I was crafty like that!