Monday, July 29, 2013


I tried paddleboarding this weekend. I expected it to be like kneeboarding...difficult but it wasn't. It was actually really easy.

I started out on my knees on the paddleboard. Then I floated around a little bit until I felt comfortable. After I felt comfortable, I stood up...carefully. That was the hardest part. Then I simply paddled around the pond...or man-made lake. I paddled around for about an hour. I did fall in once, when I was paddling into the wind and trying to turn around real fast. Then I swam for the board and pulled myself back on top. Then I had to stand up all over again. And I paddled around until my swimsuit dried off.

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Tyler Marshall said...

Hi there Kim. I'm glad that you enjoyed one of your first SUP experiences. It is such a great activity on so many levels. Have you been paddle boarding since?Have you ever tried SUP yoga?