Monday, July 15, 2013

Movie Review Monday - THE HEAT

SANDRA BULLOCK and MELISSA McCARTHY are great comedic geniuses. I laughed so hard although this FBI fun-fest is a bit predictable, well more than a bit but it's still very funny and a great way to spend a family day especially if it's a hot afternoon, what a better way to enjoy the afternoon than inside a cool theater?

Sandra Bullock plays an ex-foster kid who grew up to be an uptight agent who gets bribed by her superior to work with a rough Boston Cop to try to take down a ruthless drug lord. If Bullock wants her promotion, she's going to have to work with McCarthy - and get along - like a team.

In the end, it's so funny although there are moments of drama.

So, over all I would recommend this show for a fun afternoon - at matinee prices - because it's not a GREAT film but I would say it is definitely GOOD.

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