Friday, February 15, 2013


Last night I had a little party and not everyone was a couple so I wanted to include everyone in the holiday of love and who can't use a HUG?

Everyone wants to feel loved and cared for and a hug is just that, it's a simple little gesture that says "Hey I care about you" and I just happened to give mine in the form of a sweet cake.

And this simple little cake only cost about $2.50 to make. I baked the cake and made cream cheese frosting. The word was made from edible fondant and then I decorated the cake with conversation hearts.

The piping around the bottom was the same frosting as the yellow - only of course without the food coloring.

I'd practiced making these cakes ahead of time.

Here's the first version (or test cakes)

I always like to practice first. It's easy to see where I need to add a little extra time and effort. And I think the second time it's easier and comes out better. Plus finishing details make all the difference...can you tell...?

 The only change I made in the recipe with the cakes from Valentine's Day was I added banana. I had an overripe banana waiting to be made into banana bread and I figured ("why not") so the ones on Valentine's Day were banana cakes. Plus, I love fruity flavors and bananas bake so well.

To make the frosting, this is what I did:


1 package of cream cheese

1 package of powdered sugar

2 to 3 tablespoons of half-n-half (you could use milk or whipped cream)

1 teaspoon food coloring (if it's Wilton - you only need a drop)


While the cake cools, I separate the batch of frosting into three bowls: one for pink frosting, one yellow and one to be left white.

Then I added Wilton's Food Coloring for baking - it's better (more vibrant) than other food coloring

I frosted the cakes then added the words and conversation hearts. After the cakes were finished, I placed them on their cake stands and piped the edging. The decorations and piping are great for hiding flaws - like raw edges. I pushed the fondant words in a little too hard - it made the letters indent the cake - so be careful about that.

But I think they turned out 2 CUTE ;D

And now I need to go for another run ;)

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Rena Jones said...

Those turned out great, Kim!