Friday, July 27, 2012

Body Blocking...Come on

So Thursday morning I was running to work - the route I always run. I just happen to run over a bridge and on the downhill side I run through a "seamy" side of town. But, like I said, this is a route I always run and I've never had a problem until today.

This guy jumped in my way, trying to block me. I tried to shift to the side - but he did too. And, I was going fast! For me, I was going super fast and I couldn't quite stop. I raised my arm and sort of body checked the guy. I wasn't thinking, I was just reacting. He wasn't hurt, I barely touched him, because as my arm connected with his chest. I pulled back. He was like, "Exxxxcussse ME!" But what the heck did he expect? Body Blocking a runner going at full speed...?!

It put a damper on my day...

Have you ever had a similar experience?


Adrienne said...

Those things do rattle you - you never really know what people are up to. Once at a stop light someone next to me started harassing me about a bumper sticker I had on the car...that put a damper on my day.

Can you change up your route a little? I always worry about folks when they follow the same routine each day :)

Kim Kasch said...

I know Adrienne. I usually tell people the same thing. But...I don't like anyone controlling what I do...

It makes me want to run the same route even more . . . call me stubborn.

But my hubby said the same thing. I may have to try another route to make him happy.