Friday, April 6, 2012

Downton Abbey

My favorite new show on t.v. is on PBS or OPB and it's Downton Abbey.

My husband and I discovered the show by accident and ended up watching the entire first series in one weekend. . . and we aren't even big t.v. watchers. It's kind of a Pride and Prejudice during the Titanic era.

Have you seen it? Do you like it?

If you haven't seen it, look up Downton Abbey and check it out. It's on Netflix and you can probably check out the dvds from your local library - at least you can here in Portland.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

LOVE it!!!

David Batista said...

My wife absolutely LOVES this show, but I've never seen it. The only time I know of its existence is when it's awards season and it's racking up all the trophies. :)

I do have Netflix, though, so maybe I'll give it a chance. Thanks for the recommend!