Thursday, March 8, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

I wanted to try to make my own Easter Bunnies and chocolate eggs so I did. Of course this was my first try at molded chocolates. Real experimental food.

First I washed out the molds just to make sure no dust or unseen grime was hiding inside the plastic.

I air dried the molds to make sure no unwanted cotton tails or cotton fuzzies were stuck inside from the dish cloth drying method.

I let the silky, shiny chocolate cool down to about 90-100 degrees and I made sure by using a candy thermometer to double check the temp.

I poured the chocolate inside the molds (trying to be careful not to spill the chocolate all over the molds.

The chocolate I accidentally drizzled on top of the mold, I wiped off with a wet paper towel so I'd have a little less cleanup.

I let the chocolate cool for about 8 minutes before I put the molds in the fridge.
Then I had to unmold the eggs and bunnies

One of the bunnies didn't make it. The unmolding was too much for him.

I had to fit the egg pieces together but first I heated a knife and scored the edges of the egg by running it between the two halves to warm them up. Carefully I put the two sides back together

But first I had to stick some peeps inside and a few jelly bellies for a hidden surprise.

This was a fun experiment and I learned a few things so the next time I make more chocolate (probably this weekend) I'll have a better idea what I'm doing.

I thought the dark chocolate egg turned out pretty but then I wanted to try a milk chocolate bunny (my favorite) rather than the dark chocolate rabbit.
We'll have to wait to see if he survives the unmolding process. Keep your fingers X'd that Peter Cottontail survives or kids may not be getting any colored eggs in their baskets this holiday.


David Batista said...

I find it heartwarming that you still do this for your "kids," even though they're all grow'd up now. :)

The dark chocolate looks so YUMMY! Not so sure about that milk chocolate one, tho. You have to let us know how that turned out.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

So adorable, Kim. My mom used to make candies--I remember her painting the insides of those molds...

Rena Jones said...