Friday, March 2, 2012

Going Green by Growing Green - in the Garden

Foxglove isn't really a plant that you want to eat but it is a helpful plant. Digitalis is made from this plant and it can be dangerous but it can also be a helpful plant that provides medicine for people with heart problems.

And, March is a difficult transition time in the garden. It is a month where temperature changes make it difficult for plants to survive. Sometimes it warm, sometimes it's cold but the worst time is when it's freezing. And not knowing is what makes it difficult.

March is the best time to start thinking about going green by growing green. And, you can plant seeds to help prepare your own food. It's simple. Start picking out your seeds then plant them inside in some little peat pots so that after the last frost you can plant your new veggies outside. By the summer you'll have your own food to eat.

You can also plant crocus and snowdrops. They are one of the plants that will flower and survive during the cold weather.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love foxgloves, but failed at getting them to grow here. They're like a weed in Ireland, believe it or not.