Monday, December 5, 2011

Whine Country

I just got back from a beautiful five days in the Napa Valley. Lucky me...well, not completely.

I know, what could I possibly have to whine about...?

It's hard to admit I'm such a weenie but it's true...I'm a horrible traveler. I get sea sick when I travel - even on an air plane. I know, it makes no sense. But, it's true. I even have to take motion sickness pills not to lose my lunch - literally.

So, when we got into Sacramento I was feeling groggy and disoriented. It's because I'm a bit of a purist. I don't (even though we were going to the Napa Valley) drink alcohol very often. I don't even take Ibuprofen. So, drugs - even over the counter drugs - hit me hard.

Anyway, my hubby had a meeting. So, he dropped me off at the local Barnes and Nobel. Unfortunately for me, I had trouble staying awake. I was nodding in the little nook where I was sitting. I tried to read - which I love - but my head was bobbing and weaving like a prize fighter. The clerks must have thought I was a homeless person who came in off the street to get warm or take a nap. I know that's the way it looked. But I couldn't help it. And I barely remember anything about that day or night. The next day we moved into San Francisco.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from my first few days.

I hope you like the journey.

Here we are coming over the Bay Bridge into San Francisco

Here's the view from the bridge of the city

Here are the streets of San Francisco

We had to go eat at Fisherman's Wharf and it was wonderful.

Then we moved on to Calistoga. I'll have more tales of the trip tomorrow. I hope you'll join me on my journey.

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David Batista said...

Despite being a bad traveler, as you say, it looks like you had a lot of fun! And I've been meaning to visit San Fran one of these days. I especially want to go to the Chinatown there and see how it differs from the one here in NYC.

Btw, I hope you explain the story behind that Castle Winery pic you posted on FB over the weekend. I seriously want to visit that place. Don't know what it is exactly, but wine and a medieval looking fortress is a great combo by my reckoning! :)