Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pints to Pasta

I did it!!! I finished the 10k which is 6.2 miles. I've done it before but it was HOT, actually one of the hottest mornings we've had here in Portland. So, I was struggling.

I wanted to run 10 minute miles. I didn't quite do as well as I wanted but I was happy my pace was under 11 minutes per mile. I just have to keep practicing and working to get faster.

How 'bout you - do you have any fitness goals you're working on? running it


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Congratulations, Kim! Way to go!
I'm primed to start candidate training for my 2nd degree on Friday. Yes, I'm scared.

Kim Kasch said...

Whoo-Hee! You are a daring green (I mean blackbelt) girl

Rena said...

Congratulations, Kim!