Friday, February 11, 2011

Oregon Goes Green(er)

Portland might be the city of roses, and it may be the season of love and wearing red but Oregon is definitely coming out all green and I'm not talking about leprechauns. We have bikes galore, MAX, recycling centers and stations everywhere. So what more can we do?

We may be the first state to ban plastic bags. Read all about it here. So, what do you think? Are you a bag toting shopper? What do you think of banning the plastic bags?


David Batista said...

I do a lot of heavy duty shopping -- meaning, when I do go, I tend to have to buy A LOT. I'm talking groceries here. Personally I truly hate the idea of bringing my own bag since, as a man, I tend not to carry things on me all day long. And I usually go grocery shopping straight after work.

No, even though I know it's bad for the environment, I must still champion the cause of the cheap disposable bag, plastic or otherwise. I do have my own reusable shopping bag, btw. But I only use it when I'm leaving my house and going straight to the grocer and back.

Kim Kasch said...

It's all about each of us making small changes - if you add it all up it makes a huge difference


Carol Riggs said...
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Carol Riggs said...

Nooo, I like plastic bags for some things. For instance, when I had a cat, it was a good thing to scoop litterbox contents into. LOL However, I do have 4 cloth bags I regularly take to the store here in Oregon; it's nice they give me a 5-cent bag credit for each one. I just have to REMEMBER to bring them...!

Kim Kasch said...

Carol: I always keep so many bags in my car - I can't forget ;)

Hope to see you at the conference in May - we'll have to have coffee