Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Ready

I love decorating
but sometimes the decorations sit around a little too long - like these Valentine's Day flowers.

I needed to replace the worn out, wilted, bouquet
but I didn't want to spend much money so I picked up some silk flowers at a local craft shop on clearance for .25 per stem.Then I put them into the floral foam I want to add some green carnations and a couple more white ones and then it will be ready to herald in the Lucky Season!

How 'bout you - are you getting ready for the Shamrock Day?


David Batista said...

Very, very nice! Like I've said before, you amaze me with your thrifty solutions, Kim. :)

And, since I don't even decorate for Christmas . . . I think you know the answer to your question. We're not big holiday celebrators.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We don't decorate for it, but my sons will probably build more leprechaun traps!

Kelly said...

I love how you made your own, longer lasting bouquet!
And no, we don't decorate for St. Pattys but we do have cabbage and corned beef on March 17!

Rena said...

Very pretty!

I'll probably try to come up with something for the boys to do for St. Patrick's Day, though I'm not sure what yet.