Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cats 2011

On New Year's Day we celebrated with a little music from an old favorite.

Lars and Mackenzie played a piece together and we sat around and listened while they shared their sheet music.

How did you ring in the New Year?


Kelly said...

Beautiful! Your family is so talented!
I rang in the new year with my hubby's family. About 40 of us stayed at inlaw's vacation home. We had a blast all weekend!!! Though at midnight I was getting my kids to bed (they were still up!), so at midnight was cuddled with my 6 year old!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We were at my in-laws--champagne in plastic cups and the nieces threw paper confetti!

Kim Kasch said...

Sounds like you gals had fun. I like the cuddled up with the kids. Mine went out-clubbing-and I was playing cards by midnight with my sis and her hubby

The Happy Whisk said...

We locked the doors, bolted the windows, and didn't come out until Sunday, when we hit the bookshop cafe.

Happy 2011.

Rena said...

That was great!

Marcia said...

Football, football, football.