Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Play with Your Food - Yes, I said PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD

Don't you wish we could create our own perfect Little Men?

Well here's the real secret to PMS---Perfect Men Snacking.

And, these guys are always wonderfully delicious. Still, baking can take time, energy and crafting skills that some of us just don't have. But not to worry. With a few of my handy-dandy tips and tricks, I guarantee you, you'll be on your way to Homemaking Heaven.

I've figured out some EZ-smeazy ways to make yummilicious goodies without all the expense of buying fancy food gadgets and gizmos galore.

I've always liked playing with my food and I never really grew up so I simply used a little bit of that kid-like resourcefulness and pulled out my kid's Playdoh craft center.

Yep! You heard, read me, right. Playdoh Play Center.

It was over the Thanksgiving weekend that I had my eating epiphany.

My daughter, me and one of her friends spent a few hours eating and playing with our food. We made lots of cookies and ate more than we should. But, sugar cookies are always fun at Christmas. . .right?

It's not like I don't have any tools for cutting and cooking "special" occasion cookies and cakes but they are EXPENSIVE and I only have a few. So instead of running out and buying more of those things, we simply used our old playdoh tools (of course I washed them really well first), utensils and cutters to make fancy shapes and strange little tidbits. It was like being a kid again. We squeezed and squished out our aggressions and even shaped some strange cookies for our eating-time pleasure.

It was a lot of fun and OH-SO foodtastic! And, if you look close, I bet you'll see the ice cream container on the side. Sugar Cookies and Ice Cream...what could be better? So, don't just play with your food, eat it too ;) And, if you want to look for some more great blogs, hop over here.

No wonder I need to run!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

THAT is BRILLIANT! I'm totally using your idea--we have play doh supplies and they rarely get used much for play doh any more.

Rena said...

COOL! A friend of ours (actually her daughter) made us a gigantic gingerbread man last year. It was so cute! We haven't made any Christmas cookies yet, but I'm hoping to soon. I have more cookie cutters than I can count -- and that doesn't include the Play-Doh ones. I love your idea, though. What a great way to use them!

It's just not Christmas for us if we don't make sugar cookies, gingerbread men, and fudge. And here I'm on a DIET -- hahahaha! I also want to make jam thumbprints this year and use huckleberry jam. Maybe I can make those and have Rick take them to work. ;)

Just Married with Coupons said...

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David Batista said...

Is it okay if my only contribution to this sort of baking endeavor is reserved solely to the eating rather than the making portion?

Okay, I knew you'd say yes! :)

Sadly, we have no Play-Doh supplies in our home. But I agree, it is a brilliant brainstorm, Kim.