Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kindle Tips and Hints

Okay, I just got my Kindle so I might not be an authority - yet - but I've learned a few things in a day or two and one is that Squidoo did a post that links some great books to fill up your empty 'cyber' bookshelf with.

But, I've been checking out samples to see what I want to buy. Amazon lets you browse through books, just like at a bookstore, to see if you like the writer's style and the way the story is moving. I've checked out two books and looked through the first three chapters to see if I want to buy them. I'm probably going to be buying more books than I did before - just because of the convenience factor. But, I've also heard that I can "check out" books from my local library - on my Kindle. I haven't figured that one out- yet. But, like I said, I'm just getting started.

One thing I did do, I uploaded one of my own manuscripts so I could work on it during my lunch hour. That was way cool and super simple to do. I just had to email the story to my "approved" email and then send it to my kindle email address. Within a minute, there it was. Waiting for me.

Another thing I really like is how light the kindle is. I tend to read very late at night - or maybe I should say very early because it's usually after midnight when I crawl into bed to read. And, lots of times I fall asleep reading. The Kindle saves my spot - so no more re-reading pages to find my place the next night.

I do have one gripe. I wish the screen was a touchscreen, just like my phone. But, I'm not complaining, or maybe only a little.

Still, I think I'm going to love this.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, I'm glad you like it. My girlfriend has a Nook and adores it. I will have to do a lot of research before I ever get one of these toys...

C.R. Evers said...

Have fun with your new toy! That's awesome that you can work on your MS's with it.

Have a Happy New Year!

Nora MacFarlane said...

I got one for Christmas this year, too. I love it! I didn't know I could mail my manuscript to myself. That's pretty cool, and it'll be a lot easier than lugging the laptop to writer's group! I've got a stack of hard copies in my TBR pile, so I've loaded my Kindle with free classics from Amazon. They also have free games. I'll have to see if I can check out books from the library.

Great post! Thanks for the tips!

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