Friday, July 16, 2010


Okay we all love the Eiffel Tower and imagine Paris to be a super sexy place to visit but I'm not French, maybe that explains why my mind starts to wander when I hear the word French...but not to beautiful places or iconic monuments - no I start to think of stitches: like the French Knot.

And, if you've never tried embroidery, you've missed out on the sublime...stitching.

Check out this French Knot.
If you like to craft and stitching is your thing, here's a fun site to check out for patterns, ideas and tips. This website will even show you how to do the stitches, if you don't already know. Like the stemstitch, the backstitch and the chain stitch--all for free! And free is more than a good price--it's simply sublime. . . stitching.

I hope you have sew much fun...


Unknown said...

I don't stitch but that sheep looks lovely.

C.R. Evers said...

awwwww! What a cute FRENCH poodle! :0)

Mackenzie said...

omg that's super cute!!!