Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stuffed Grape Leaves and Cabbage Rolls

I wanted to make something different for dinner and since a friend had recently given me a recipe book from the Ponzi Vineyards, I thought I'd try stuffed grape leaves. My son and husband weren't too excited and asked that I make a "back-up" meal. So, I did. Stuffed cabbage rolls.

I bought the grape leaves at a Greek Deli on Burnside and then cooked some rice and hamburger. I rolled the grape leaves up tight and steamed the cabbage to make it tender.

Then I rolled the filling into the cabbage leaves and baked them both at 350 degrees for about one half hour. I served the rolls over rice.

To tell the truth, I liked the cabbage rolls better because the grape leaves were sooooooo tough. They were very chewy - which I'm sure is great for fiber and all but I don't like to work that hard for my food :(

Have you ever tried either stuffed grape leaves or stuffed cabbage rolls? Which one was your favorite?

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Anonymous said...

I prefer the cabbage, since they're easier to chew. I also prefer them home-cooked. The ones that come in a can are greasy.