Saturday, April 10, 2010

You Can't Have Your Cake - If Your Dog Eats It Too

Tonight (Friday) was my second cake decorating class. I stayed up Thursday night baking my cake and mixing and coloring my thick, thin and medium frostings so I'd be ready for my class.

But I feel like a beauty school drop out - or a cake school drop out. Because it's hard to believe I'm back in school and I had to tell my teacher "my dog ate my homework" :(

It's true.

I had my cake inside my cake carrier - you can see the carrier on the table in the Friday post above. I had the cake inside the carrier, all ready to take to class when I went to work. I wasn't expecting the call I got from my daughter.

"Mom," Kara's voice sounded strange. I knew something was wrong.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Sasha. . .ate your cake."

She'd never jumped up on the kitchen table before today. Somehow that very smart dog got my cake carrier cover off my cake and . . . ate my homework. Could anything be worse?

The center was filled with chocolate pudding - not good for dogs. So I'm expecting a sick little puppy tonight.

So next week I'm going to have to redouble my efforts and bring in one amazing cake so I don't get kicked out of class. I never thought I'd have to worry about flunking out of school again.


Bish Denham said...

Poor Sasha! I hope she doesn't get too sick. And I hope you make a wonderful cake that takes...the cake!

Amy Tate said...

Oh I hope she's o.k! I'm so sorry about your cake. You'll have to post some pics of your creations. I would love to see them!

Rena said...

Oh no! I hope she's okay. LOL @ your dog eating your homework though. Let us know how everything turns out in the end!

Kim Kasch said...

Yeah poor Sasha...

Poor me...

At least she didn't get sick - even though I was expecting it. I guess a dog that eats couches and metal isn't bothered chocolate. She ate my couch - at least the back of it...I didn't notice it for a while until she was looking for a buried bone, hidden inside the back of the couch. So I shouldn't complain about a cake-I guess.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, what a bummer! In this house, my KIDS would eat our homework!