Thursday, April 22, 2010

Magic, Myth and Make-believe

Basil is a wonderful plant for making pesto or seasoning soup but did you know that some people believe it has "magical" properties?

I read that basil can be used as an aphrodisiac or even to breed scorpions. And, some people believe you can use basil to heal scorpion bites and stomach troubles or to drive away flies.

I found one recipe on-line that said if you take three crushed basil leaves and put them under a clay pot, a tiny scorpion will be born.

Amazing what a little plant can do...:)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I never heard that. But oh how I love the smell of basil.

Des said...

Who in the heck would want to breed scorpions?

Anonymous said...

Love Basil and gotta say, Lars is pretty good looking, too, but does he smell as good as basil?

Kim Kasch said...

Auntie: It's hard to smell as good as basil but my hubby comes close. ;)

Des: That's what I was thinking, who would want to hatch a little herd of scorpions.

GG: Yummy for the tummy and it tickles the nose even as it grows :)