Friday, July 17, 2009

Earth-Friendly Friday: Salt, Fire and Time

You've probably heard of community gardens but have you ever heard of a community kitchen?

Salt, Fire and Time
is such an organization. Their "menus change weekly and focus on regional, seasonal organic cuisine with an emphasis on the highest quality ingredients in traditional preparations that satisfy, nourish and support healthy bodies and communities."

They also offer classes. I'm going to the community feast tonight, Friday, July 17th and I'm thinking of signing up for the Fermented Beverages Class.

If you're in Portland or the surrounding area, you might be interested in checking out this list of classes and feasts for the next month and a half.

There are drop in hours for food items at the kitchen on (monday) and wednesday 11-4pm.

Community Feast 7/17 — 7:30 pm (please RSVP, spaces are limited) Speaker: TBA

Fermented Beverages Class 7/21 –6:30pm at the kitchen, demonstration and partial participation. Cost: $30/person, limit 15 people: This will focus on lacto-fermented sodas, kvass and kombuchas. You will have a chance to taste them all, learn how they are made and ask all of your troubleshooting questions.

Weston A. Price Meeting at the Kitchen 7/23 — 7pm, everyone is welcome

Sauerkraut Making Class 7/28 @ 6:30. Cost $25/person. Limited to 15 people. This will be a class to explore salted and unsalted fermentations. I will explain the processes, demonstrate the techniques and sample a variety of products and equipment.

Community Feast 8/7 @ 7:30pm (cost $20/person, please RSVP due to limited spaces) Speaker: TBA

And, look for them at the Hawthorne Days celebration on 8/16, with The Herb Shoppe

Community Feast 8/21 @7:30 in the kitchen. Cost $20/person, please RSVP, space is limited. Speaker: TBA

They will also be at Portland’s Fermentation Festival 8/27

Community Feast 8/28 @7:30 pm in the kitchen. Cost: $20/person. Speaker: Dr. Allison Seibecker


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Wow--that's an awesome line up.

lakeviewer said...

Great! Where can we partake?

Kim Kasch said...

Salt, Fire and Time:

Phone: (503) 208-2758

Contact Info:

Location: 609 SE Ankeny Street Unit A (first unit on left) , Portland, OR

Angela said...

They all sound like great classes. I say sign up for the homebrew is fun to turn your kitchen into a science lab and we've had mostly good results over the years.

Anonymous said...

thanks kim, it was a pleasure having you!