Sunday, May 17, 2009

Miriam Hees - Blooming Tree Press

Fabulous Swedish Chef, Miriam Hees from Austin, Texas was a guest speaker at the SCBWI Oregon Step in the Write Direction conference on Saturday, May 16th.

She talked about having a great opening sentence. She also said, "Don't write about what's hot now." She warned us that audiences want what's new and what's hot right now won't be by the time new acquisitions are published.

She said always check out an agent's or publisher's website to make sure you are submitting the right materials. And you can read her blog here.

But most important she said to always Hope and Dream. Don't stop hoping and don't ever stop dreaming!


Lynnette Labelle said...

Great advice!

Lynnette Labelle

”Lynnette Labelle’s Blog”

Rena said...

I loved her advice!

Kelly said...

I keep hoping, and I keep dreaming, and I'll keep working til I'm succeeding! :)